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Who We Are

Who is HealthTrust?

HealthTrust is a nonprofit provider of high quality, cost-effective medical, dental, prescription drug and ancillary benefit plans exclusively to public sector employees and their families in New Hampshire.

As a nonprofit, public health care risk pool, HealthTrust has one primary goal: to serve our Member Groups (New Hampshire’s schools, towns, cities, counties and other public entities) and their employees, retirees and covered family members. Our Members pool their coverage dollars and rely on HealthTrust to help them reduce risk, contain costs, and meet the unique needs of their employees, retirees and covered family members. We collaborate with our Member Groups to share resources, new ideas, best practices, and problem-solving strategies. This synergistic partnership enables HealthTrust to provide proactive, forward-focused, comprehensive coverage plans, programs and services, while containing cost, serving the interests of the public sector and taxpayers.

The HealthTrust Advantage

In New Hampshire, RSA-5-B, the law that governs public risk pools, recognizes risk pooling as an essential governmental function that provides many advantages to people who work in the public sector. These advantages mean that HealthTrust can offer our Members:

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What Sets HealthTrust Apart?

It’s all about service. At HealthTrust, exceptional service isn’t the exception – it’s the rule. For close to 40 years, HealthTrust has served New Hampshire's public sector employers and their employees. Coverage is administered from our office in Concord. Our personal, local services are renowned and widely appreciated. When Enrollees and Retirees contact us with coverage questions or other concerns, they know their issues are likely to be resolved within a few minutes. Our Member Groups know our outstanding services can reduce their administrative burden, save them time, and help to ensure they are providing the best plans for their employees. This kind of support is unusual in today’s world, but at HealthTrust it is routine and it is a high priority.

We answer the phone.

No electronic voices or computer directories! Our Enrollee Services Representatives include specialists in retiree services, enrollment, ancillary coverage, and more who answer enrollees’ and retirees’ questions personally and professionally.

We provide workplace trainings.

Each Member Group is assigned their own HealthTrust Benefits Advisor and Wellness Advisor.

We educate our Enrollees and Retirees.

Resources including SmartShopper, LiveHealth Online, the Corigen® Medication Safety Program, and Included Health promote medical consumerism. We provide tools and information for healthy living through our Slice of Life wellness program and our HealthTrust Well-Being Programs and resources. 

Our Distinctive, Time-Saving Services

For Enrollees

For Member Groups

Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

To provide high-quality, cost-effective employee benefit products and services for public employers and employees in New Hampshire in order to reduce costs through pooling strategies with a commitment to education, health promotion and disease prevention.

Our Vision

New Hampshire communities’ most trusted partner in achieving optimum health through a culture of wellness

Our Board of Directors and Governance

Board of Directors

The dedicated members of the HealthTrust Board of Directors are employees, employers and elected officials in New Hampshire’s public sector. They understand and share the unique needs of New Hampshire’s public employers and employees. Every decision made by the HealthTrust Board of Directors is rooted in our mission.

Click the link to the right to view a list of the 2024 Board of Directors including their photographs.

View the Board of Directors letter of commitment to Member Groups of HealthTrust, Inc.

2023 Board of Directors Nomination and Voting Materials
Member Letter About the 2023 Annual Member Meeting and Board Elections
Application to HealthTrust Board
The Voting Certification Form
The Certificate of Authorizing Resolution
The Certificate of Designation
HealthTrust Board Commitment Letter
Board Role Overview
Save the Date Postcard
2023 HealthTrust Slate of Nominees



HealthTrust's bylaws are the governing principles by which we do our work. To view the bylaws adopted by the HealthTrust Board of Directors click bylaws.

Meeting Minutes

To view minutes of recent HealthTrust Board meetings, please click on this link: Meeting Minutes. Additional minutes or information may be requested through the Executive Director's office at

Meeting Notices

The HealthTrust Meeting Notices section lists dates, times, and locations of upcoming HealthTrust Board of Directors meetings and subcommittee meetings.

No Meetings are posted at this time.

Our Values

 Integrity * Service * Collaboration * Innovation


Audited Financial Statements

The HealthTrust Board of Directors and its Finance and Personnel Committee pay close attention to the financial status of the organization throughout the year. In addition, HealthTrust’s financials are audited by an independent certified public accounting firm each year.

HealthTrust’s Fiscal Year (FY) 2023 Financial Statements were audited by the independent auditing firm Johnson Lambert, which issued its opinion on October 11, 2023, that HealthTrust’s financial statements present fairly, in all material respects, the financial position of the organization as of June 30, 2023 and June 30, 2022. The HealthTrust Board of Directors reviewed and formally adopted the Audited Financial Statements.

Posted here are FY2023 Audited Financial Statements pertaining to HealthTrust. For additional information, please contact us at

FY2023 Audited Financial Statements with Required Supplementary Information

Actuary Recommended Capital Adequacy Reserve as of June 30, 2023

Incurred but not Paid Claims Reserve as of June 30, 2023

Premium Deficiency Reserve as of June 30, 2023


Why Work for HealthTrust?

In addition to competitive salaries, HealthTrust provides a family-friendly work environment and offers excellent benefits including health, dental, life insurance, short-term and long-term disability insurance, a defined benefit pension plan and a deferred compensation plan, flexible spending accounts, and an on-site fitness center. At HealthTrust, we realize our employees are our greatest resource.

HealthTrust Job Application 

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