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Well-Being Programs

HealthTrust Well-Being Programs

HealthTrust Well-Being Programs and resources help you manage health conditions, access healthcare services when and where you need them, and make informed treatment decisions. Whether you are just starting out on your well-being journey, living with a chronic condition, or navigating a recent diagnosis, HealthTrust Well-Being Programs provide the tools you and your covered family members need to achieve optimum health and live your best life. 

Slice of Life - Let's Do This Together!

Make this the year you achieve your health goals and let us help! Let's do this together! We team with Virgin Pulse to offer the Slice of Life program with tools, support and rewards* for participating in wellness activities to get healthy your way. You choose the health topics and goals that matter most to you, and this innovative program will automatically personalize to provide you with information, coaching support, activities and challenges, and a vibrant social platform that can help you achieve those goals.

Good health happens one smart decision at a time. If you are a medically covered HealthTrust Enrollee, Retiree or spouse, log in to your Secure Enrollee Portal account and click on Slice of Life to learn more about the many resources available to help you achieve your health goals . 

*Please note: The amount of any cash and the value of any other wellness incentive rewards received from HealthTrust are taxable to the recipient for federal income tax purposes.

Slice of Life - Annual Key Action Rewards

You can earn up to $35 Pulse Cash plus up to 1,500 points toward additional Pulse Cash rewards by completing the following three key action steps once this year. 

Slice of Life - Quarterly Earning Opportunities

Quarterly Points Game (Earn up to $110 in Pulse Cash/quarter, up to $440 in Pulse Cash/year)

The quarterly points system is set up as a game. As you complete healthy activities, you can earn points and climb the levels of the game to qualify for “Pulse Cash.” Healthy activities can include tracking, reading daily cards, joining challenges, working with a health coach and much more. What you do is up to you!  

*Please note: The amount of any cash and the value of any other wellness incentive rewards received from HealthTrust are taxable to the recipient for federal income tax purposes.

Medical Care Access

Illness isn't convenient. It doesn't just happen during doctors' office hours. HealthTrust Medical Care Access resources make sure you can access the help you need when and where you need it.  

LiveHealth Online

Anthem 24/7 NurseLine

Speak to an experienced registered nurse—day or night, any day of the week—to discuss symptoms you're experiencing, medications and side effects, reliable home treatments, when to see your doctor and when to go to the emergency room, and more. The nurses can also provide information about support groups and wellness resources that may help you. All calls are confidential.

Call 800.337.4770 (toll-free).


Complete a Biometric Health Screening and earn rewards in the Slice of Life program, get a flu shot, or access non-emergency care. Just walk in to any ConvenientMD location in New Hampshire any day of the week from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm -- no appointment needed! To find a location near you visit


Expert Medical Support

The following HealthTrust Well-Being programs provide you with expert guidance and answers to your questions to help you feel more in charge of your health. They are available to you and your covered family members at no additional cost to you. 

Included Health

Included Health is a benefit available through HealthTrust to individuals enrolled in a HealthTrust medical plan (except Medicomp Three). Included Health can connect you to a personal care team that can help you:

Corigen Medication Safety Program

Medications don't work the same for everyone. The Corigen® Medication Safety Program, available through HealthTrust in collaboration with Coriell Life Sciences (CLS), can help providers tailor treatment to an individual's genetic makeup, medical conditions, medications, and lifestyle. Participants in the program can find out if medications they take now or could take in the future are identified as being safe and effective for them, based on their DNA and lifestyle factors, potentially reducing their risk of side effects and adverse reactions and improving how they feel every day. 

Disease Management

The following Well-Being Programs and services can help you navigate health challenges impacting you or your covered family members. All of these programs are voluntary and available through your HealthTrust medical plan at no additional costs to you.  

CVS Caremark Transform Diabetes Care

The CVS Caremark® Transform Diabetes Care® program, available through HealthTrust, provides enhanced resources and extra benefits to make managing diabetes easier for eligible individuals enrolled in a HealthTrust medical plan that includes prescription drug coverage provided by CVS Caremark.

Participants in this voluntary, confidential program may receive:

For more information about this program, contact CVS Caremark at 800.348.5238.

CVS Caremark Accordant Specialty Care

CVS Caremark Accordant® Specialty Care is available at no cost to covered individuals who have certain autoimmune or genetic conditions and who are enrolled in a HealthTrust medical plan that includes prescription coverage provided by CVS Caremark®. An Accordant Specialty Care nurse and a resource specialist can help you make healthy lifestyle changes, spot risks early, find support in your own community and use digital tools to track your health, all at no cost to you.

844.905.0855 | 

Lark Diabetes Prevention Program

About one out of every three American adults is at risk for developing diabetes. The Lark Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP), offered in collaboration with Anthem and Lark, is available free to medically covered individuals age 18 and older* (excluding Medicomp Three retirees) who are at risk for prediabetes (high blood sugar levels that indicate an increased risk for developing type 2 diabetes). 

Lark is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) healthcare information program that includes 24/7 digital coaching to provide support, resources and personalized text messages based on an individual’s lifestyle through the Lark mobile app as well as a free, wireless scale upon enrollment. Through these and other resources, the Lark program helps participants:

You can find out if you qualify for the Lark DPP by clicking the link to take a one-minute survey: If you do qualify, you can participate in the program at no cost to you. 

*Please note: Individuals covered by a Medicomp Three plan are not eligible to participate in the Lark Diabetes Prevention Program. 

Aware Recovery Care

Aware Recovery Care's Addiction Recovery Program is an innovative, evidence-based program available to HealthTrust medically* covered Enrollees age 18 and older with substance use disorders. The program, offered in collaboration with Anthem, includes the following services: 

For more information, call 844.AwareRC (603.769.8463) or visit

*Medicomp Three Enrollees are not eligible to participate in this program.

Anthem's Health Management Programs

Mental Health

Our Mental Health Programs provide resources that meet you where you are. Whether you want to use digital tools to reduce stress and anxiety, consult a mental health professional by phone, online, or in person, or need a more intensive, full-year, in-home program for conquering a substance use disorder, these programs and services can help. 

LifeResources Employee Assistance Program, powered by ComPsych

The LifeResources Employee Assistance Program (EAP), powered by ComPsych, is a one-stop, multi-service resource available 24 hours every day to help you manage stressful situations and stay in charge of your life. Access free services including counseling sessions, consultations with a lawyer or financial expert, life coaching,  information and referrals for a wide range of everyday services such as finding child or elder care, hiring movers or home repair contractors, and more. This valuable program is available to you, your eligible dependents and household members. The EAP provides a variety of services to help with work-life issues big or small, meeting you where you are in life.

KOA Care 360 Mobile App

Would you like to reduce your stress level, sleep better, or minimize anxiety? Help is right at your fingertips with the computerized cognitive behavioral therapy (CCBT) tools available through the LifeResources Employee Assistance Program (EAP), powered by ComPsych. The EAP offers a platform of digital guided programs for help with anxiety, depression, mindfulness, sleep, stress, and more in the Koa Care 360 app. Start feeling better today by putting this self-care platform in the palm of your hand!

To use these valuable tools, you will need to be registered with ComPsych and create an account in the Koa Care 360 app.   

LiveHealth Online (Psychology and Psychiatry)

Talk with a therapist without a long waiting time or make an appointment to consult with a psychiatrist about managing your medications or other issues. With LiveHealth Online, you can get the help you need without leaving the privacy of your home. 

Most HealthTrust medical plans, except Medicomp Three, cover online visits at the typical cost sharing for an office visit -- a copay of just $10 or less for most plans.* 

*High Deductible Health Plan Cost: Up to $55 per medical visit, or up to $95 per visit with a therapist/psychologist, and up to $175 for the initial evaluation visit with a psychiatrist, $75 per follow-up visit.


Aspire365, a program from Anthem available through HealthTrust, provides treatment for behavioral health issues in an individual’s home for up to one year. The program is available to individuals enrolled in a HealthTrust medical plan (except for Medicomp Three) ages 12 and older with mental health issues, substance use disorders, and co-occurring problems. Aspire365 delivers a team of specialists directly to the home. Patients are able to maintain family, work, school, and/or social responsibilities while receiving the clinical support they need to re-build their lives and establish long-term health and wellness. To learn more, call 385.352.9696

InStride Health

InStride Health is a virtual care program from Anthem, available through HealthTrust, to children, teens and young adults, ages seven to 22 years old with anxiety and/or obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). The program takes a family-centric approach to treatment. Services are provided by a coordinated, multidisciplinary team that includes a therapist, psychiatrist, coach, and peer support who collaborate with the child’s pediatrician and school.

Coordinated Services Include:

Most participants connect with the InStride Health program through a referral from their medical provider, but parents, caregivers or young adult patients can also submit a quick application available on the program website: The program intake team will contact the family soon after the application is received to get the process started.