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Slice of Life 2018 - Let Your Personal Wellness Journey Begin!

HealthTrust wants you to get healthy – your way! In 2018, your Slice of Life wellness program invites you to embark on a Personal Wellness Journey. You choose the activities that are most beneficial -- and most appealing -- to you, and HealthTrust will provide the resources to help you and rewards to keep you motivated and moving forward. Slice of Life 2018 offers greater rewards than ever before – up to $475 in cash rewards plus up to $100 toward the cost of a wearable fitness tracker, for a total value of up to $575!

Good health happens one smart decision at a time. Each healthy choice you make is another step on your Personal Wellness Journey. Let Slice of Life help you make 2018 the year you become your healthiest self. If you are a medically covered HealthTrust Enrollee, Retiree or spouse, log in to your secure account and click on the Onlife Health button to learn more about the 2018 Slice of Life program. Let your journey begin…


Your Health Assessment - Know Yourself!

Earn a $25 Reward!

In 2018, the Health Assessment is not required for full participation in Slice of Life, but it is considered an important starting point for each individual’s Personal Wellness Journey.  The Health Assessment is completely confidential and takes only a few minutes to complete. You can choose to:  

Either way, you will earn $25, and you can use your results as a guide to work together with your Health Coach to set health goals and create a plan to achieve them. To take your Health Assessment, simply log in to your secure HealthTrust account and click the Onlife Health button. 

Your Biometric Health Screening - Know Your Numbers!

Earn a  $75 Reward!

Learn the numbers that could save your life! Find out your blood pressure, blood cholesterol, blood sugar, your body mass index and your waist circumference – all numbers that can give valuable insight into your health – at no cost to you!  Your Biometric Health Screening takes approximately 15 minutes, is completely confidential, and you can earn a $75 reward! In 2018, you can have your Biometric Health Screening:

To learn more and to access necessary forms and lists, log in to your secure HealthTrust account and click on the Biometric Health Screenings box. 

*Retirees with Medicomp Three coverage are not eligible to receive rewards for screenings with a PCP, but can qualify for a $75 reward by having a Biometric Health Screening at a HealthTrust-sponsored screening event or at a ConvenientMD location. 

Your Health Coach - Your Journey Tour Guide!

Earn up to $75 per year!

What could be more helpful on your Personal Wellness Journey than a knowledgeable expert who can show you the way? Think of your Health Coach as your journey "Tour Guide"! Your Health Coach will send you a message in your secure portal automatically if you complete your Health Assessment, a Biometric Health Screening and/or set a Health Goal. Or, if you prefer, you can make the initial contact with a Health Coach by calling the Health Coaching phone number (866.564.5237) or sending a secure message in the Onlife Health portal by clicking “Contact a Coach.”

You can earn up to $75 in 2018 by working with a Health Coach to set a goal and taking steps to achieve it. You choose your goal (for example, improve fitness, decrease or maintain weight, improve blood pressure, etc.) and your Health Coach can provide articles and other resources to help you, check in to see how you’re doing, and offer guidance, encouragement and support on your journey.

Order a Fitness Device - Your Journey Log!

Up to $100 value!

In 2018, you can receive up to $100* toward the cost of a fitness tracking device (such as a Fitbit or Garmin) without submitting any paper forms! Just log in to your secure account, click the “Onlife Health” button and then simply click on the tile that says “Order a Fitness Device.” Choose the fitness device you want, then follow the prompts to submit your request. Your fitness device will be shipped to you.

Your next step? Once you receive your fitness device in the mail, connect it to your Onlife Health account (just click on the tile that says "Connect a Fitness Device") so you can start earning money for every step you track!   

*For more expensive devices, $100 will be deducted from the cost and you will need to provide a credit card to pay for the balance. 

Your Personal Wellness Journey Rewards - Activities = Dollars!

Earn up to $75/quarter or up to $300/year!

Everyone’s wellness journey is unique. That’s why HealthTrust’s Slice of Life program lets you choose the activities that are most beneficial and appealing to you, and rewards you for making healthy choices. If you earn between a minimum of $40 and a maximum of $75 in a quarter you will receive a check. Simple as that! You can earn up to $300 per year!

Eligible activities include tracking online or by fitness tracker, taking online courses, participating in challenges, and much more! Log in to your secure account to view a ist of eligible Personal Wellness Journey activities and the rewards for each.

Here are a few new ways you can earn rewards in 2018 as part of your Personal Wellness Journey:

Please note: The Slice of Life wellness program is available to HealthTrust medically covered Enrollees, Retirees and Spouses. The amount of any cash and gift cards as well as the value of any other incentive awards received from HealthTrust are taxable to the recipient for federal income tax purposes. The Slice of Life wellness program is subject to change without notice. Some Slice of Life programs may not be available to all Enrollees.  


Anthem's Health Management Programs

LiveHealth Online

Aware Recovery Care

Aware Recovery Care's Addiction Recovery Program is an innovative, evidence-based program available to HealthTrust Enrollees age 17 and older suffering with substance use disorders. The program, offered in collaboration with Anthem, includes the following services: 

For more information, call 844.AwareRC (603.769.8463) or visit

Diabetes Prevention Program

About one out of every three American adults is at risk for developing diabetes. The Diabetes Prevention Program, offered in collaboration with Solera, is available free to medically covered Enrollees* and spouses who are identified as having prediabetes.  If you qualify for the 16-week program, you will be able to choose from among resources (such as Weight Watchers or HealthSlate) available in your own community to help you lose weight (if you need to) and adopt healthier lifestyle habits -- without any out-of-pocket cost to you.

The Diabetes Prevention Program also includes access to a health coach, tech tools such as a fitness tracker or smart scale, group support and other helpful resources. 

To find out if you qualify for the Diabetes Prevention Program, take the one-minute online quiz at 

*Please note: Individuals covered by a Medicomp Three plan are not eligible to participate in the Diabetes Prevention Program. 

LifeResources - Employee Assistance Program